Roof Cleaning Milton Keynes & Roof Moss Removal Milton Keynes

Like most parts of the UK, the frequently damp weather experienced by properties in Milton Keynes can lead them to suffer from unsightly dirt, moss, lichens, and algae on their roofs. Roof Cleaning Milton Keynes & Roof Moss Removal Milton Keynes can solve these problems. We provide a non pressure roof cleaning service using The Biowash™ non-pressure system.  It is the proven way to clean your property, without damaging the tiles. There is no mess, all work is guaranteed, upheaval is minimal and most projects are completed in just a couple of days

Biowash™ works by applying unique cleaning products to remove the build-up of moss and algae by means of specifically designed low-pressure equipment. Generally, after just a few hours these products can simply be rinsed off leaving your roof clean, often looking like new.

We have a network of professional cleaners offering The Biowash™ system and the agent for Milton Keynes will happily visit your home and explain the cleaning and protection process in detail.

Once considered a ‘new town’ Milton Keynes is celebrating 50+ years of unique, modern culture and is one of the fastest growing places in the UK. It boasts over 5,000 acres of parkland and woodland and well-designed urban spaces well known for festivals, carnivals and outdoor events.

With its prime location in the centre of the UK, industry is thriving, with continued investment particularly in the service and distribution sectors. This continues to heap pressure on the town’s infrastructure with more and more homes being built.

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Black Stain Removal - Before BioWash Treatment

Black Stain removal - After BioWash treatment

Benefits of the BioWash™ Roof Cleaning process

  • Improves the appearance of your home
  • Can add value to your property
  • Provides protection from moss and algae
  • Extends the lifespan of your roof
  • No risk of damage to roof tiles
  • Fast, safe & cost-effective