We specialise in commercial roof cleaning and canopy cleaning, where the build-up of dirt, moss and algae is an issue and our non-pressure roof cleaning service is perfectly suited for the many types commercial and industrial premises.

An unsightly roof on a retail outlet, shop or other commercial building can also be bad for business, as first impressions count a great deal to potential customers. The BioWash™ non-pressure roof cleaning process has been used on retail premises where the accumulation of dirt often makes the shop or canopy look uninviting. The swift removal of all the build-up of dirt algae and moss from a canopy and walls can transform the look of any retail outlet. From shops to schools, warehouses, marquees and industrial units, the BioWash™ non-pressure cleaning process can produce rapid results without the need for intensive pressure washing.

We fully understand the fundamental importance of keeping a commercial property clean at all times so we can offer a regular non-pressure roof, façade or canopy cleaning service that fits around your working hours without any intrusion. All our staff are fully trained and approved applicators of the BioWash cleaning process and any soft washing of roofs, canopies or walls is always carried out in accordance with current health and safety regulations. We always try to ensure the BioWash™ roof cleaning process causes minimal disruption, so our roof cleaning agents will always try to meet your needs and undertake any ‘soft washing’ in non-business hours if necessary.

We can service your needs, so whether you are searching for industrial roof cleaning, or commercial roof cleaning, our BioWash™ non-pressure roof cleaning process has major advantages over pressure cleaning using high powered machinery. Unlike pressure washing, there is minimal risk of damage to roof tiles and our ‘soft wash’ cleaning service is generally cheaper. Our results generally last much longer as roofs and canopies will remain free of algae for a long time due to the protective biocides that are used at the end of the BioWash roof cleaning process.

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