Smartseal are one of the leading providers of sealers, coatings and cleaning products to homeowners and trade contractors in the UK. Our expertise and focus is on marketing as well as creating strong working relationships with our national network of registered Smartseal agents.

Every year, we generate thousands of leads for external surface cleaning which are passed onto registered Smartseal contractors we work with. Since 2011 we have also developed a considerable web presence in roof cleaning, sealing and coating. Each year, we receive many enquiries from homeowners and commercial clients who need a roof cleaning service. Like the surface cleaning enquiries above these are passed onto roof cleaning contractors we work with.

When we identify growth opportunities we look to develop ‘win win’ business models that work for us and the contractors we work with and supply. Having listened to feedback from the enquiries we receive, it has become quite apparent that there is a massive demand for roof cleaning that does not involve pressure washing.

Through research, development and innovation Smartseal have developed an effective non-pressure roof cleaning system.  The BioWash™ roof cleaning system means a roof can now be cleaned from ground or gutter level, avoiding the risk of damage from someone standing on the roof.

This represents an opportunity to get on the ground floor of a rapidly developing and under-served industry. Our BioWash™ Roof Cleaning System provides you with a complete turn-key business featuring equipment, solutions and techniques. Our system can work great as a standalone business or as an additional stream of income to an existing business.

Black stain removal - Before BioWash Treatment

After BioWash Treatment

What is the BioWash™ Roof Cleaning System?

The BioWash™ Roof Cleaning System is a low cost, complete ‘business in a box’ concept that doesn’t involve onerous franchise contracts or fees.


  • Work with an established brand as an Authorized Agent
  • Proven, safe and effective cleaning system
  • No pressure washing involved
  • No risk of damage to a roof
  • Low cost entry
  • Rapid start up
  • Lead generation programme
  • Professional marketing materials and proven techniques

Plus…No need to walk on the roof as cleaning is done from the ground or at gutter level.

An Authorized BioWash™ Agent with a strong work ethic can become very successful. We will train you on use of the products and system and support you as you build your business. The amount of money you make depends on how pro-active you are in marketing and promoting the BioWash™ service to your potential customers. Our business model and marketing methods are effective, proven and based on years of expertise of promoting other hard surface restoration services.

We are looking for more people throughout the UK to join our expanding network of agents that want to build a successful business. By becoming a BioWash™ Authorized Agent you will have the support you need to short-cut a huge learning curve in the roof cleaning business. Our BioWash™ cleaning equipment and chemicals combined with our training and lead generation programme provides a unique business opportunity. If you add to that the work opportunities that come from our nationwide relationships as well as our brand recognition, working with Smartseal makes sense.