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ECS Ltd is an independent Construction and Maintenance company based in Essex.

We have over 20 years of construction experience within many disciplines across the Public, Private and Commercial sectors.

We specialize in all types of groundwork including Driveways (Asphalt and Block paved), Patios and all forms of hard and soft landscaping, including design services. We offer professional pressure washing services such as driveways, block paving, patios, and decking. We also offer the latest low pressure Roof cleaning technology.

We are SmartSeal™ and BioWash™Authorized agents& installers.

The BioWash™method does not allow the use of any pressure washers or any pressure greater than that of an ordinary garden hose in the cleaning process. All cleaning is carried out from the safety of the ground or a ladder, avoiding the need to physically walk on your roof. In addition, the cleaning and surface protector solutions we use have been specially formulated to remove damaging organic material without damaging the tiles.

Our BioWash™ roof cleaning system has proven to be highly effective, resulting in stellar results! Its success comes from a cleaning solution comprised of mildew-cides, algaecides, and surfactants, being applied to the affected area, and given enough time to soak and kill the unwanted micro-organisms at their roots. After sufficient time, the surface is rinsed thoroughly with fresh water without the use of pressure. The solution is mixed on-site and to the specific needs of the surface to be cleaned.

As a Smartseal™ Registered installer we offer a wide range of pressure washing services for most types of hard surfaces seen around residential properties. If required we can also provide quotations for larger commercial cleaning projects. If you are looking for a professional surface cleaning company in the Essex area, look no further. We have the latest high-powered pressure cleaning equipment that can swiftly remove the most stubborn dirt and grime that is often seen on driveways, patios, paths and most hard surfaces.

Our pressure washing services are available for most external hard surfaces including:

  • Block Paving
  • Tarmac 
  • Imprinted Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Decking 

We also offer a comprehensive sealing service to ensure the surfaces we have installed or pressure cleaned are fully protected against deterioration in the short and long term.

We provide a gutter clearing service using our industrial hoover and a verification camera, to ensure the highest quality clean is provided. We use high-powered commercial industrial vacuum cleaners to remove leaves, moss and any debris leaving gutters nice and clean

Our commitment to quality means we value each of our customers no matter how large or small and we aim to provide the best customer service at all times. We offer Guarantees against all of our full package services so please feel free to enquire


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