Crystal Clean Solutions - Jon Capp

Crystal Clean Solutions Ltd have a team of staff managed by father of four Jonathan Capp, a family man who has been running Crystal Clean Solutions Ltd, a professionally structured specialist cleaning company covering Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, South & West London Boroughs since 1997 and have also travelled in Central London and as far as the midlands and the South West to meet clients’ requirements.

Building a reputation on trust, quality of service and competitive pricing is at the foremost of our integral philosophy with the utmost commitment to quality, knowledge, expertise and reliability that ensures exceeds all our customers’ expectations both commercial and residential.

Crystal Clean Solutions Ltd specialise in many forms of external cleaning, restoration and maintenance services as well as providing internal works for the convenience of our clients.  Services undertaken include (but not limited to) the following:

Window Cleaning

Fascia Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Car Park and Driveway Cleaning

Path & Patio Cleaning

Sealing Services

Playground Cleaning & Sports Surface Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Chemical Cleaning

Pure Water Washing

Gutter Clearing

Gutter Cleaning and Flushing

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Stripping, Floor Sealing & Floor Polishing


Conscientious of the work we carry out, our external cleaning services provide long-term restoration and elimination to ground in dirt, oxidation, residues and organic spores. Our works cleanse, rejuvenate, protect and maintain. Our cleaning methods leave your surfaces deep cleaned, not just a quick fix or a below standard service carried out by many other unscrupulous cleaning companies.

We passionately believe that our service to clients should meet the standards required of a professional contractor. Our operatives are fully and regularly trained & certified in the most up to date cleaning methods, adhering to all UK employment and safety legislation standards within and relating to our industry.

In all parts of our operation, we are extremely environmentally friendly, using the most effective cleaning agents on the market today and expertise in the Pure Water system that gives you an unparalleled cleaning experience.



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