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We offer a professional roof cleaning service throughout the UK.  Moss, algae, dirt, and lichen on roof tiles are a big problem Roof algae are a country-wide issue, there are several culprits that grow on roofs making a mess of things, one is a bacteria “Gleocapsa Magma”.  Other organisms like mildew and algae are unsightly but not as destructive as some of the more aggressive bacteria such as fungus, moss, and lichens.  These algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, lichen, and moss directly decompose and break down roofing materials.
The organisms on a roof are there because of the warm, moist environment a roof creates, especially on the north and west sides of a roof.  Micro-organisms populate in an abundance growing so well that they begin to be noticeable to the human eye.  The good news is that these stains/micro-organisms can be safely removed by our BioWash™  Authorised Agents.
If you are looking for roof cleaning BioWash™ non-pressure cleaning technology is the perfect solution. It will clean your roof, extend its lifespan, and increase the kerb appeal of your home.  Our professional roof cleaning technicians are certified and experienced at washing away algae and dirt from roofs and offer a superior quality roof cleaning service throughout the UK. The BioWash™ non-pressure roof cleaning method utilises professional equipment to safely yet effectively remove years of grime from your roof.  Our process effectively kills the algae on your roof, which means your newly clean roof will last for years to come.
Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a new roof. Professional roof cleaning can restore the beauty of your roof and save you a serious amount of money. The cost of roof cleaning is about one-tenth of the cost of replacement roof so it just makes sense to have your roof cleaned.

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